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Proscenic 850T is one of the most affordable robot vacuum cleaners that can perform mopping in addition to sweeping. The robot vacuum cleaner can clean homes of up to 120 square meters. The ideal cleaning area is up to 80 m2. Key features:

  • The maximum suction capacity of 3000 Pa achieved during factory tests is the highest in its price range.
  • Has a mop function. In addition to sweeping dust, it also performs mopping and is able to do those tasks simultaneously.
  • At just 7.5 cm tall, the 850T can fit under most items of furniture.
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Proscenic 850T features and characteristics

The Proscenic 850T is a further development of the 800 series robots, but although many of the features have been greatly improved, its main function is still the same – to keep your home clean at the best possible price. In addition, the manufacturer has given the 850T a new look. The robot has a stylish black body with a U-shaped design element.

Extremely powerful

The suction power of the 850T robot vacuum cleaner is as high as 3000 Pa, stated by the manufacturer. It is 100% the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner in its price range, and it’s actually better than several more expensive devices in terms of this performance.

However, the high suction power of the 850T does not mean that it is significantly noisier than other machines. The highest suction power is needed only on carpets, which in turn dampens the sound, and the noise level of this robot vacuum cleaner is not higher than of its competitors. In fact, the comparison of robot vacuum cleaners noise levels is insignificant, as differences between products are so minimal and almost impossible to distinguish.

Ülimalt võimas robottolmuimeja

With the 850T robot vacuum cleaner, you can choose between three different operating modes. These are low, medium and high. Each is designed for the floor type and the debris to be cleaned.

Kolm erinevat imamistaset
Three sweeping modes

The smart application ensures maximum comfort

As with other Proscenic robot vacuum cleaners, the 850T can be controlled not only from the remote control but also from the app on your smartphone. From there, you can set different cleaning modes as well as set schedules and view the map that the robot has left on its cleaning journey.

The Proscenic 850T is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa.

Through the application and the control panel, you can choose between three different cleaning modes, which are automatic, spot and edge cleaning.

The 850T cannot use the help of the created map to establish restricted areas through the app or send the robotic vacuum cleaner to clean only a specific room or area, but in most homes it is not needed. Only his more expensive colleagues who use laser technology can do that.

Nutikas robottolmuimeja
Smart robot vacuum cleaner

Dry and wet cleaning

The robot can perform both mopping and sweeping. Unlike its predecessor, the 830, this machine can perform both functions at the same time. With the mopping function, the electronically controlled water inlet is important, it is possible to determine the humidity level of the mopping. 850T cleans effective, no matter what the surface.

A more convenient universal container

New with this robot is two-in-one vacuuming and mopping at the same time. When adding mopping pad and water to the water tank, you can choose whether you want to do only mopping or sweeping and mopping at the same time.

Efficient robot vacuum cleaner

The robot has fall sensors that prevent it from falling from a height. For example, drive down the stairs. Its design is extremely low (7.5 cm), which allows it to go clean under most items of furniture. On thick carpets, the 850T automatically increases power and cleans them with special care.

The robot’s filter system includes both a HEPA and a conventional filter. The HEPA filter traps extremely tiny dust particles, which is why the product is also perfect for people with allergies.

The 850T battery is 2600 mAh. At silent mode, the robot can work up to 120 minutes in a row.

Robottolmuimeja Proscenic 850T hiilgab pea igas valdkonnas
Robot vacuum cleaner 850T

Packing list:

  • robot vacuum cleaner 850T
  • charging station and its cord
  • user manual
  • magnetic stripe to set the restricted area
  • two side brushes
  • HEPA filter
  • remote control
  • dust/water container
  • mopping plate
  • cleaning mop
  • care brush

850T mini karp


2500 mAh

HEPA filter


Suction power

3000 Pa


7,3 cm

Fall sensor




Navigation system


Cleaning area

Up to 120 ㎡

Remote control


Climbing height

1,5 cm

Dust container

250 ml

Water tank

200 ml

Working time

up to 100 min

Wifi compatibility


Charging time

5 – 6 hours


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