Proscenic M8 Pro


Proscenic M8 Pro is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner in our store. If you are a person who wants to use the smartest functions and maximum freedom, then the M8 Pro is definitely the best choice.


  • Maps your home. Set restricted areas or send robot to clean only specific rooms.
  • It has a patented power mopping function that mimics the Y movement. No other manufacturer can offer this.
  • Powerful. The maximum suction power is 3000 Pa. In addition, it has a 5200 mAh battery that ensures long operating time even in the most powerful mode.
  • Long operating mode. Cleans up for hours. Can handle homes up to 300 m2.
  • Thanks to the cleaning station, You don’t have to empty the dust container manually.

Video introducing the Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner

Improved navigation and accuracy

Thanks to the new IPNAS 4.0 technology, the Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner can make a 1.8 times more accurate map of your home, which increases the cleaning efficiency up to 4 times. The M8 Pro is a device that uses 4th generation laser and navigation technology. This ensures reliable and innovative operation in any difficult conditions. Navigating between chair or table legs is not a problem for it.

tark robottolmuimeja

Maximum comfort – the self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

M8 uus puhastusjaam

The cleaning station saves Your time. You no longer have to empty the robot vacuum cleaners container every day, but only once every three months.

The Proscenic M8 Pro dust station is uniquely designed. Control buttons have been added to it, so if you want to send the robot to work or call it to charge, you don’t have to run after the phone or remote control every time. You can also give commands from the charging station. There is no easier solution.

Three dust bags are included in the set, they will last freely for at least one year if used on average. If they run out, you can always order more from us.

Powerful suction – powerful result

võimsaim robottolmuimeja

The maximum suction capacity is 3000 Pa, that ensures nothing is left lying on the floor.

Animal hair, hair, granite granules, etc. are removed from the floor. You can be sure that whenever possible, the M8 Pro can handle the task on both hard and soft surfaces.

The optimal design and construction of the robot vacuum cleaner ensures that the rubbish stays in the dust container and eliminates the risk of anything falling out of it.

The optimal solution for a person who values both the clean floors of his home and free time.


Big battery capacity

pikk tööaeg

The 5200 mAh battery allows the robot vacuum cleaner to run continuously (in silent mode) for up to 4 hours. This means that the machine can cover 320 square meters in one operation. And even if the battery is running out of juice, the smart machine will go to the charging station and will continue cleaning after battery is full again.

The durable battery is especially useful when using the Proscenic M8 Pro’s unique deep cleaning mode, in which the robot swipes your home in one direction first and then in another direction everything again.

The deep cleaning mode ensures maximum cleanliness, but since it takes quite a long time, it is better to use it when you are not at home.

Smart charging station

nutikas laadimisjaam

M8 Pro can also be commanded using the buttons on the top of the charging station. By pressing the corresponding button, the robot vacuum cleaner either starts cleaning or returns to the charging station along the shortest path.

On the top of the charging station there are buttons for start, notification of the charging process, filling of the dust bag and call home. Competitors do not have this feature.

You no longer have to search the remote control or your phone every time you want to start robot or send it home.




Plan anything, anytime

In APP you can assign different zones and divide your home into different rooms at the touch of a button. You can then use the calendar to set which areas and what time robot will clean. M8 Pro is your new housekeeper.

tubade jagamine ja kalender

Sweeping dust and mopping

kaks ühes konteiner

Annoying container replacement for sweeping and moping functions is over. The Proscenic M8 Pro has one container that holds 280 ml of dust and 300 ml of water. This way you save time and your home can be cleaned with one solution.

There is no fear that the 280 ml dust container will be small, as you should not forgotten that M8 Pro cleans the dust container after cleaning. At the beginning of each new cleaning cycle the dust container is empty and the robot is ready to work for you.




Intelligently increases power

vboost vaibale

When Proscenic M8 Pro gets on a soft carpet, it will automatically increase the power. The automatic power increase takes place on softer carpets, where the friction force of the robot vacuum cleaner’s main brush increases. The sensors on the smart device detect it and robot increases the power.

Maximum power absorbs cookie crumbs, animal hair and, for example, cat litter granules from the carpet. You can be sure that the debris on the carpet can be properly cleaned and transported to the dust collector.



Alexa and Google assistant

alexa ja google assistant

Obviously, the M8 Pro also supports Alexa and Google Assistant smart devices. Just tell the robot that it should start cleaning and it will do it.

Nothing is more convenient or easier.







Y-shape mopping

The M8 Pro performs a Y-shaped mopping function during power mopping. It is much more efficient and effective than just mopping like other robots do the wet cleaning. The Y-shaped route ensures that each place is covered 3 times. No other manufacturer uses this technology, so the M8 Pro is unique in this area and a pioneer for future generations.

M8 pro märgpesu

Invisible walls

Magnetic tapes are history. In order to prevent the M8 Pro from going where it is not needed, simply draw the appropriate lines on the map and the machine knows that it is not allowed to clean these areas. You can create up to 15 restricted areas.

The application allows you to set restricted areas for both vacuuming and mopping (eg carpets) separately.

robottolmuimeja keelualad

Intelligent cleaning system

tubade jaotus

The intelligent iRoom cleaning system automatically divides your home into rooms. You can then send the robot to clean each area separately. Or you can choose several different rooms, robot will clean them one by one. If the automatic room layout is not the way you want it, you can always change it.









Multi-level mapping

korruste kaardistamine

The M8 Pro can remember different maps. Thanks to this, he remembers the different floors of your home, and so you can easily move it between the floors.

Just move the robot to the top floor, press the clean command and the robot will start working.

You don’t have to be afraid of falling down the stairs. The M8 Pro is equipped with fall sensors that successfully protect it from falling.





Packing list:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic M8 Pro
  • Charging/dust station and its cable
  • 3 dust bags
  • User manual
  • 2 side brushes
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • Remote control
  • Dust/water container
  • Mop attachment
  • 2 microfiber mops
  • Maintenance brush


5200 mAh

Alexa ja Google Asisstant


HEPA filter


Suction power

3000 Pa


3,8 kg


9,8 cm

Fall sensor



35 cm



Noise level

60-68 dB

Navigation system


Cleaning area

Up to 300 ㎡

Climbing height

2 cm

Dust container

280 ml

Water tank

300 ml

Wifi compatibility


Working time

Up to 250 min

Remote control



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