Why to buy from us?

The onslaught of robot vacuum cleaners into our daily lives has been rapid and decisive. Smart robot vacuum cleaners are manufactured by many large and smaller technology companies around the world. Why should You choose Your home appliance from our store? Let’s be clear right away.

Home appliances tested

We have used all the devices in our selection and tested their features. They all are very good helpers, and you can check it out on our social media posts yourself. You can find videos and pictures of the capabilities of the robots on our Instagram, youtube or facebook page. In addition, you can read the reviews on the pages of our products, which have been asked for feedback, but only from the people who actually bought the product at home.

Customer support and after-sales service

We offer our customers full post-purchase support for setting up the robot, loading the application and any other possible problems.

Fast delivery

The shipping costs depend on the country we ship to. Shipping is very fast, because we have all the products in stock, and if you place an order before 15:00 on a working day, we will deliver the package to the courier company on the same day.

Best prices

The prices of our products are the most competitive on the market, it’s true.

The robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic M8 Pro is comparable to the best robots of the world’s most famous manufacturers, but it is significantly cheaper in terms of price. In addition to all the smart features, the robot comes with a dust station. The price of this machine is three times cheaper than the Roomba s9 +, which also has a dust station.

The Proscenic M8 is an alternative for those who want an ultra-fine machine but are not interested in a dust station. Unlike the M8 Pro, the surface of the M8 is stylishly gray.

The Proscenic 850T is an affordable machine with features comparable to mid-range robots. It sweeps and also has a mop function. In the same “competition class” robot vacuum cleaners usually cost a few hundred euros more.

Convenient return

Have you changed your mind about buying from us? No problem! Return the goods to us within 14 days. The device must be unused and in the original packaging.

Definite guarantee

All our products have a one-year factory warranty and a two-year right to file claims under European Union law. In case of warranty questions, please contact us.

Spare parts and maintenance supplies delivered quickly

All consumables (mops, HEPA filters, brushes, etc.) are available on our e-shop. Everything you need to maintain your device can be ordered from us quickly. Can’t find a suitable accessory? Write to us at info@mybot.ee and we will get it for you.


We are a real company operating in Estonia. You can be sure that if you have a problem, you can get a solution.

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