Robot vacuum cleaners

Proscenic and Ecovacs robotic vacuum cleaners are great housekeepers that will keep your home perfectly clean at the best price on the market. Here’s a little help to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner:

Deebot U2 is suitable for the user who wants a good helper at a good price, but does not need all the possible functionality in APP. The Deebot U2 can handle areas up to 120 m2, but we would recommend it for homes of about 80 m2.

Proscenic M8 Pro can perform both wet and dry cleaning with the same container. It creates maps of your home and also has a cleaning station, which makes the user’s life extremely comfortable. No dust container cleaning is required. In addition, this robot also performs a unique Y-shaped mopping.

Proscenic M8 is a great choice if you don’t want a cleaning station. The robot is designed for homes up to 200 m2 in size.

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