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Window cleaning robot iBeeasy Winbee 770

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iBeeasy WinBee 770 window cleaner. The machine has smart navigation that automatically detects the edges of the window. The Winbee 770 window cleaner has a vibrating mop and a five-stage cleaning. The square design allows it to reach corners and edges better than round window cleaner. It also handles soft window blinds and works well in 0ºC weather.

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Product description
The smart window cleaner robot has a square design and a vibrating mop, it has better access to the corners and edges of the window than the round design window cleaner robots can.

iTech WinSquare is a smart navigation – the robot calculates the ideal cleaning path, detects window edges and cleans the surface. Its upper part of the mop vibrates and cleans the dried dirt of the window. The robot has a powerful vacuum pump that holds the robot on a window or surface and ensures safety.

Five cleaning modes allow automatic cleaning from any point: N, Z, Repeat, Area and Manual. In Repeat mode, the robot moves through a relatively small area, shaking for thorough cleaning and removing stubborn dirt. Cleans glass and smooth surfaces, shower glass, tiles, windows both inside and out. The surface to be cleaned should be larger than 50 cm x 70 cm.

Integrated security system:

  • The robot needs power supply to work, but it also has a safety battery that prevents the robot from falling in the event of a power failure.
  • The fall protection algorithm detects obstacles and frames.
  • There are sensors to check the vacuum.
  • Safety is ensured by an ultra-secure safety rope that connects to the suction cup.

The robot saves time because it cleans windows twice as fast as you do. It moves to the upper parts of tall windows that you would find difficult to access yourself.  After cleaning the robot automatically warns You by beeping and stops at the same place where it started.

Cleaning mops are made of high-quality microfiber cloth, they are reusable. It is recommended to wash them in a washing machine with 40ºC water for better cleaning results. The remote control allows you to control the robot manually. The robot has an ergonomic handle for placing it on the window.


The set includes:

  • Window cleaner
  • Adapter
  • Remote control
  • Safety rope
  • Power cord
  • Mops (two pairs)
  • User manual
    NB! There is no window cleaning liquid in the package!


Power cord

5 m

Remote control


Dimensions (mm)


Cleaning speed

8,2~8,5 cm/s


< 90 W

Cleaning modes

Area, Manual, N, Repeat, Z


2.1 kg

Noise level


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