Proscenic T22


Proscenic T22 is the most modern and comfortable air fryer in the world. This is the best device for making healthier dishes at home. Whether it’s French fries, shrimps, chicken, meat or fish, the Proscenic T22 air fryer cooks delicious dishes with a minimum of fat and oil.

Proscenic T22 is a 1500W air fryer. Unlike most other machines, it has a 5-liter basket, which is perfect for cooking for the whole family at once.

The heating of a large oven will be a thing of the past. Cooking with air fryer gives you delicious and healthy food. Do it quickly and conveniently.


Proscenic T22 video

Proscenic T22 is compatible with Wifi


The T22 air fryer can also be aded to the Proscenic APP if desired. This ensures that you can keep an eye on your cooking, for example, outdoors. Obviously, you can also command this with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The app also has a built-in food flip reminder.

The product is very easy to use without application.

The T22 air fryer holds up to 5 liters and has 11 different cooking modes. The large capacity ensures that you can cook for the whole family at once.

Non-stick and easy to wash baking basket



The Proscenic T22 air fryer is made of aluminum and is non-sticky. It is very easy to wash and maintain both by hand and in the washing machine. The most convenient solution for keeping your device clean.






User friendly


The 11 pre-set modes of the air fryer make the appliance extremely user-friendly. Commands can be given via both the mobile application and the screen on the machine.

Using a air fryer couldn’t be easier.




Healthier and tastier

Tervislik ja maitsev

The Proscenic T22 air fryer is a great gift for anyone looking for an alternative to cooking with excess oil. It is not necessary to add fat to the food in the air fryer, but the food will still taste great and be healthier.






1500 W


5 l


5.7 kg

Dimensions (mm)

361 x 271 x 306

Noise level

< 55 dB

Temperature range

75 – 205℃

Baking programs

11 + 1 (Customizable)


"Shake" Reminder – Yes

Washing accessories

By hand, Dishwasher safe



Alexa ja Google Asisstant


Wifi compatibility


Recipe repository


Automatic shutdown


Keeping food warm





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